Show up to protect RURAL El Dorado County - August 27 Planning Commission hearing

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If you love El Dorado County for its rural quality of life, then it's time to speak up to protect it. 

Where and When: 
Planning Commission Hearing 
August 27, 2015 at 8:30 am 
Board of Supervisors Chambers 
330 Fair Lane, Building A 

We need to be there to speak up against the proposed policies that will greatly impact our rural resources, making it easier for developers to push through their high-density projects that are better suited for Rancho Cordova and Elk Grove. Be prepared!  Staff's agenda to overhaul our voter-approved General Plan has saddled us with an overwhelming and confusing document.  Much of this is to frustrate the public to not participate.  If you want to retain the rural nature of El Dorado County, then you must engage!

Click on the image to learn more about the proposed changes with this video from the April 29, 2015 Community Meeting:[/caption]

General Plan & Zoning Ordinance Update:  Facts & Fiction 

For three years, Supervisors, County staff, and special interest groups with significant involvement in the policy re-write, have repeated the mantra "we're just implementing the General Plan". Some of the proposed changes (as of 4/29/15) are summarized below so that you can see what they are really doing: 

Question-the-ZOU_4.29.15-Handout_final-page-3 DEIR = Draft Environmental Impact Report

Question-the-ZOU_4.29.15-Handout_final-page-2 TGPA = Targeted General Plan Amendment 
ZOU = Zoning Ordinance Update

● The changes proposed do not represent an "implementation" of the voter approved General Plan
● The extent of the proposed changes has been misrepresented to the public. 
● 2004 General Plan protections are being reduced or removed. 

 Here is a link to the overwhelming and confusing document mentioned above:

Community Survey Results and Meetings with Supervisors

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Dear Shingle Springs residents and rural lifestyle supporters,

Here is a status regarding the Community Survey Results and Meetings with Supervisors:

The Shingle Springs Community Alliance Core Committee met with Supervisor Frentzen on Monday, July 27, and with Supervisor Ranallli on Thursday, July 30.  The purpose of the meetings was to open the lines of communication with the two supervisors that represent Shingle Springs and discuss the results of the Shingle Springs Community Survey.

Supervisor Frentzen explained that it is improper for Supervisors to have a predetermined vote at Board meetings.  However, she further explained that her vote would reflect her philosophy of compatibility between new and existing development, which aligns with the mission statement for the Shingle Springs Community Alliance.  Supervisor Frentzen stated that County staff and the community need to work together to create Community Plans so that future development is compatible with the vision of each community.  We agreed that a Community Plan for Shingle Springs is a top priority for our community.  Regarding questions about the the tribe, Supervisor Frentzen all but said the County's hands are tied.

Supervisor Ranalli also explained that it is improper for Supervisors to have a predetermined vote at Board meetings.  During our discussion, Supervisor Ranalli acknowledged his misconceptions about the Shingle Springs Community Alliance and its mission statement, and we hope his new understanding will result in a better working relationship with him in the future.  With regard to items regarding the tribe, Supervisor Ranalli had researched a lot of information, and we are looking forward to his plan for alleviating the community's concerns.

Future meetings:
Both supervisors agreed to meet with the Core Committee two or three times a year to maintain communication.  And each agreed to be the guest speaker at separate Town Hall meetings in Shingle Springs so that the public can attend and hear directly from them.   We will send out notices for the Town Hall meetings as soon as the date and time have been set.

Expanded Project Notification on 8-13-15 Planning Commission agenda

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Dear Shingle Springs residents and rural lifestyle supporters,

Our voices were heard and we are making a difference!

On August 13, 2015, the Planning Commission will be holding a hearing on expanding project notification to the public.  This process started back in 2013 and the Shingle Springs community's participation and support helped to bring about the suggested changes in the notification process.  Click here to read the Staff Report on the proposed increases to project notification:   A few of the suggested changes are:  1.) to increase the area for mailing notices, and 2.) posting signs on parcels to publicize proposed development.

The intent of expanding the project notification is to engage the public earlier in the project.  To show your support, please send in an email telling the Planning Commissioners that you support the suggested expansion of public notice on projects to better involve the public in the process.  Use this subject line:  Planning Commission 8-13-15, Agenda #6, File #14-1210.  Here are their email addresses:,,,,, 

If you would like to attend the meeting to show your support:
Planning Commission Meeting
2850 Fairlane Court, Placerville
#6 on the agenda that starts at 8:30am
Click here to download a copy of the agenda:

Thank you for staying involved and participating in our community issues.  As you can see by the length of time it took to get results on the expanded Public Project Notification, these things take time but we can be successful if we work together and stay involved!

Shingle Springs Community Survey Results

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Dear Shingle Springs residents and rural lifestyle supporters,

The results of the Shingle Springs Community Survey are available here:

Thank you to everyone who participated.  We anticipate meeting with the Supervisors next week and will report back to you in an email summary, which was the preferred choice by the survey participants.

If you're new to our email list and would to look through previous email messages, simply click around the Announcements page of our website to view previous email announcements:

[FWD: Do you want digital signs in El Dorado County?]

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Dear Shingle Springs residents and rural lifestyle supporters,

Please take action if you do not want digital signs in El Dorado County.  The County did not perform public polling or surveys to ask residents whether they want digital signs or not.  It is up to you to contact the Supervisors.

Send this on to friends and family to spread the word and get our voices heard!

Thank you,


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New post on Save Our County

Do you want digital signs in El Dorado County?

The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors will hold a hearing to adopt the proposed County Sign Ordinance and the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on July 28, 2015.

On May 28, 2015, the Planning Commission received public comment and formulated their recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.  Their recommendation is to adopt the proposed policy to allow for digital signs in El Dorado County.  Do you agree with that recommendation?

When asked about an example of the digital signs that are proposed, the example given was the signs at Arden Fair Mall.  That is because the proposed El Dorado County Sign Ordinance allows for 50% digital coverage.  Here are photos and videos for reference:
Daytime photo of digital sign
Daytime photo of Arden Fair Mall's digital sign. Link to photo:

View daytime video here:

Nighttime photo of digital sign
Nighttime photo of Arden Fair Mall digital sign. Link to photo:
View nighttime video here:

The proposed Sign Ordinance also includes 60' tall signs along Highway 50.    Do you want more 60' tall signs along Highway 50?

How about digital advertisement signs on Government property?  The proposed Sign Ordinance allows for "Off-site digital general advertising for hire signs; such signs are only allowed by written agreement with the County" on Government property.  Do we want our Government property to be used for selling advertisement?

What else is in the proposed Sign Ordinance?  The whole point was to amortize existing billboards so that they could be removed.  Instead, the proposed Sign Ordinance is creating so many new policies that it is confusing.  Despite public requests at the Planning Commission hearings, the staff would not create an 'easy to follow' matrix to compare the existing Sign Ordinance to the proposed Sign Ordinance.

Here a link to the County's website for detailed information:




Attend meeting if you are available:
Tuesday, July 28, 2015
330 Fair Lane, Building A
Board of Supervisor meeting room
Time to be announced - Agenda available at

Feel free to use this sample email to submit your concerns:

Subject: Comment on Sign Ordinance Update, File #13-0086

Dear Board of Supervisors,
El Dorado County is known for its natural beauty.  That is what brings people here to live and to visit.  Do not update our Sign Ordinance to bring urban signage to El Dorado County.  Stand up for the quality of life that we enjoy and do not approve digital signs in the Sign Ordinance.  Stand up for our scenic viewsheds and do not approve 60' tall signs along Highway 50.

Tell staff that they should listen to public requests for clarification of proposed policies.  Creating a simple matrix to clarify the differences between the existing ordinance and the proposed ordinance could have alleviated much of the public's confusion and concerns about transparency of the process.

Thank you,

[Your name]
[Your town or address]

Phone calls are a good way to follow up on your email. Here is contact info for Board of Supervisors:

1. Ron Mikulaco, Supervisor District I, (530) 621-5650,
2. Shiva Frentzen, Supervisor District II, (530) 621-5651,
3. Brian Veerkamp, Supervisor District III, (530) 621-5652,
4. Michael Ranalli, Supervisor District IV, (530) 621-6513,
5. Sue Novasel, Supervisor District V, (530) 621-6577,
Board of Supervisors' Agenda Item Comments, Clerk of the Board:
Trouble clicking? Copy and paste this URL into your browser: 

Your Input is Important - Survey attached for Shingle Springs residents

posted Jul 6, 2015, 5:19 PM by Lori Parlin   [ updated Jul 7, 2015, 10:27 AM ]

Dear Shingle Springs residents,

The Core Committee of the Shingle Springs Community Alliance will be meeting with Supervisors Ranalli and Frentzen in the next few weeks to open the lines of communication between our supervisors and the Shingle Springs community that they represent.  We'd like to know what issues are most important to you and share those with the supervisors.

Please share this survey with other Shingle Springs residents.  This survey will close on July 15, 2015.

Thank you!

Preserve our oaks

posted Jun 14, 2015, 11:05 PM by Lori Parlin

Please see the email below from the Green Valley Alliance.  Shingle Springs will also be negatively impacted if 100% of oak canopies are allowed to be removed for development.  Take a moment to contact the Board of Supervisors and tell them to create policies that require development to maintain oaks onsite for the protection of our quality of life.

From: Green Valley Alliance []
Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2015 7:02 AM
To: Green Valley Alliance
Subject: Preserve our oaks
Corridor friends and concerned residents:
On Monday, June 22nd, the EDC Board of Supervisors will be hearing County staff's recommendations on their drafted policies for oak woodland preservation.  Green Valley corridor has a lot to gain from good policies, and a lot to lose from bad ones. 
As proposed by staff, the new policies will remove oak canopy 'retention' requirements, allowing 100% tree removal if fees are paid for off-site conservation. The Dixon Ranch development as proposed cannot meet the current oak canopy retention requirements, but the requirement just goes away under the new policies. 

Write to your Supervisors - the message is simple - tell them to protect our resources, and do NOT allow the oak canopy retention requirements to be removed. 
Ellen Van Dyke for GVA  
Template & contact info here:
Subject: Public Comment on draft Biological Policy, BOS meeting 6/22/15, file no. 12-1203
Dear Supervisors:
Please do not eliminate the oak canopy retention standards from the draft biological policies. We value the oak woodland in our area and do not want it to be replaced elsewhere!  Allowing 100% tree removal is not acceptable.

Thank you for your consideration.
[your name here]
send to :
Board of Supervisors -;;;;;
Planner Shawna Purvines   -

 More info available via these County sites:

Land Grab by Shingle Springs Miwok/Red Hawk Casino Tribe

posted May 20, 2015, 11:50 AM by Lori Parlin   [ updated Jul 22, 2015, 1:30 PM ]

Dear Shingle Springs residents and fellow El Dorado County citizens,

The recent construction of a Gun Range on Tribal land in Shingle Springs has raised many questions and concerns from residents about the future of land uses near the Red Hawk Casino.  Here is information so that you understand the situation and are ready to take action when needed.

In the map below, the red parcels were purchased by the Tribe and converted to Trust Land.  This means that these parcels are off of the County tax roll and the Tribe has sovereign use of the land.  Trust parcels do not fall under local, state, or federal land use authority.  This sovereign status is what allowed the Tribe to build the incompatible Tribal Gun Range adjacent to homes, Highway 50, and the walking/biking/riding trail.  The parcel for the site of the open Gun Range was brought into Trust for the intended purpose of building a Tribal Health Facility.  The parcel for the site of the proposed Gas Station was brought into Trust for the intended purpose of building six residential houses.  The Tribe stated on its application that they needed the land to provide for the Tribe’s health and much-needed residential housing.  The Notice of Decision for bringing the parcels into Trust is available by clicking here.  Why has the Tribal Council switched its plans to provide for the Tribe’s health and well-being and instead are planning to build projects that are adversarial to the surrounding neighbors?

The parcels on the map outlined in blue have also been purchased by the Red Hawk Casino/Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Tribe.  The Tribal Council has submitted an application to to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to also have several of those parcels put into Trust.  You can view the Fee to Trust Application by clicking here.  We have been alerted that at least one other application is in process.  Additionally, the Tribe has been pressuring nearby neighbors to sell their property to the Tribe.  Why is the Tribe applying to have sovereign status on land that is already developed for residential use?   What is to prevent the Tribe from once again abusing the Land Trust process and build incompatible projects?  When will they stop pursuing more land?

El Dorado County is not the only county that is experiencing issues with its Tribal neighbors.  The Fee to Trust process is broken.  Applications are simply rubber stamped by the BIA and there is no accountability if a Tribe switches from one land use to another.  Napa County Supervisor Diane Dillon has been working on this issue.  You can read some of her testimony to the United States Senate Committee on Indian Affairs by clicking here.  The situation has been exacerbated because our local and federal representatives have advised community groups to talk to the Tribe and work out issues.  That has been difficult because the Tribe has used its sovereignty to minimize and dismiss concerns.  This is in direct conflict with the The Tribe's stated commitment to having "a positive impact in the community and to preserving the places where our neighbors, guests, team and Tribe work, live and play." 

Please share this information with friends and neighbors.  We will need to be informed and united to make an impact on the decisions being made by our representatives.

Update - Tilden Park Hotel project

posted May 3, 2015, 10:44 PM by Lori Parlin

Dear Shingle Springs residents and rural lifestyle supporters,

The Tilden Park Hotel project is once again showing activity and we are sharing this information to keep the community aware of its status.

On Tuesday, April 28, 2015, the Board of Supervisors approved an increase in the contracted amount to pay a consultant to perform a Draft Focused Environmental Impact Report for the Tilden Park Hotel project.  This was not unusual - many projects require an increase in the amount allocated for their Environmental Impact Report (EIR).  The Tilden Park Hotel project EIR will focus only on traffic and will not address all of the impacts of the project.  The decision to perform a Focused EIR on traffic only was made by County Staff in 2012.  Here is the statement that I made at the Board meeting regarding the increase in consultant spending:

"I made a comment a couple weeks ago when the Marble Valley and Lime Rock consultant agreements were on the Consent Calendar, so I thought it was only fair to make a similar comment about the Tilden Park agreement that is on the Consent Calendar today.  This particular developer is out of state in North Carolina.  His project is outside of the General Plan and requires a General Plan Amendment.  I ask that you remind him that spending thousands of dollars on the environmental process is a risk and that it in no way guarantees nor influences approval of the project."

Please stay engaged in what is happening in our community and be ready to submit comments about projects that are beyond the capabilities of our current road infrastructure and will be allowing higher density contrary to the existing community's expected development pattern.

If you would like more information about the Tilden Park Hotel project, please visit this website:

Lori Parlin on behalf of the
Shingle Springs Community Alliance, No San Stino, and Stop Tilden Park
  Keeping Shingle Springs Rural

SPTC Community Workshop: March 25th, 2015

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