Board agenda 7-30-13 includes Probation Department on Durock Road and Capital Improvement Program (Road funding)

posted Jul 29, 2013, 4:48 PM by Team SSCA   [ updated Jul 29, 2013, 4:51 PM ]
Dear Shingle Springs residents and supporters,

There are several items on the July 30 Board of Supervisors agenda that you may be interested in.  The complete agenda is attached for your reference.

Expanding the Probation Department on Durock Road is on the Consent Calendar at 9:00am:

9. 13-0847 Chief Administrative Office and Probation Department recommending the Board
authorize the Chair to sign Lease Agreement No. 611-L1311 with Durock Road, LLC to
lease 10,346 square feet of office space at 3974 Durock Road, Suites 205-2011,
Shingle Springs (Area 1) for use by the Probation Department and approximately 4,124
square feet of new lease space located at 3974 Durock Road, Suites 201-204, Shingle
Springs (Area 2), to be occupied by the Community Corrections Center (CCC);
commencing the first day of the next calendar month after lease execution for a period
of 5 years, after the completion and acceptance of Tenant Improvements for Area 2.
FUNDING: General Fund and AB 109. 

Items #28-30 all have to do with roads in the county.  It is important to be aware of where the County spends money on roads because that is where they will also plan for more development.  These items are 2:00pm Time Allocated:

28. 13-0889 Community Development Agency, Long Range Planning Division, recommending the
Board receive information on the Green Valley Road Corridor (Corridor), and provide
direction on the timing of a corridor study. (Est. Time: 30 Min.) 

29. 13-0924 Community Development Agency (CDA) Long Range Planning Division presenting a
workshop to begin the preparation of the 2014 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), and
requesting direction on the Board's preferred growth projection option for the CIP and
Traffic Impact Mitigation Fee (TIM) Fee Program updates. (Est. Time: 90 Min.)
The CIP projects growth in the county and determines where funds will be spent on roads.

30. 13-0782 Community and Economic Development Advisory Committee (CEDAC) providing
information and recommendations on the Land Use Policy Programmatic Update
(LUPPU) and beyond in support of the County's Capital Improvement Program. (Est.
Time: 20 Min.) 

Contact information for the County can be found here:

You can watch the Board meeting live at: and click on the 'Live and Archived Proceedings' tab near the top of the page.

Team SSCA,
Jul 29, 2013, 4:48 PM