Summary and video from 7-11-13 San Stino Meeting with MIG

posted Sep 4, 2013, 11:19 PM by Team SSCA   [ updated Sep 4, 2013, 11:20 PM ]
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To the Shingle Springs community, please read this post and view the links. A few of these links will take a while to load. 

On July 11th 2013 the San Stino Developer sponsored a meeting, facilitated by MIG, Inc. in Shingle Springs at Discovery Hills Church. The purpose of the meeting was to invite input from the Shingle Springs community on what we, as Shingle Springs residents would like to see developed on the parcels bordering Mother Lode Drive, French Creek Road, and Old French Town Road and its impact on Shingle Springs.

A summary of the meeting is attached as is a video link to the meeting. Unfortunately, the video provided by the San Stino developer is of very poor quality. Due to the length of the video there are five consecutive segments. The links are listed in order.

The Summary is here:

The appendices which include the submitted comment cards are linked here. Personal information has been redacted from the response cards.

MIG, Inc. has once again been retained by the San Stino Developer to host a workshop consisting of seven community participants and five San Stino participants, for the purpose of developing more specific alternative proposals for the project site. The workshop is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of September 14th. 

The Community Work Session Framework link is here. This is the work shop “boundaries”.

No San Stino, in partnership with the Shingle Springs Community Alliance, were asked to gather a team of 7 community participants. We choose those who are well informed regarding the proposed San Stino development, county politics and environmental land use. Our attorney, Joel Ellinwood will be participating as an advisor to the community participants along with Daniel Iafocano, the MIG facilitator.
The purpose of this workshop is for participants to roll up their sleeves and openly discuss ideas to create an alternative to the proposed San Stino project. This is besides the current land use of 5 and 10 acre parcels since it is already an alternative to the proposed project. 
We will have the developer get a more professional videographer to record the workshop. That video and whatever alternative plans or proposals emerge from the workshop will be available to the public for comment after the workshop. We anticipate that another open community meeting will be held to present any alternative plans, which may also be incorporated as project alternatives in the draft EIR for the San Stino project. We are open to hear from community members about ideas to discuss in the workshop.

We will not be undertaking a self-appointed task of speaking for the community, but rather to discuss and develop alternative project proposals to present to the community. “There is no commitment to endorse whatever comes out of the workshop. No San Stino and SSCA are free to criticize the result if that is appropriate. Participation in a dialog does not necessarily mean compromise - just an exploration to see if better ideas are possible. 

Comments and inquiries are most welcome. Please contact me via email at
Frank Verdin and the No San Stino Committee