Super department equals super waste?

Concerns are being raised about the huge salaries and waste that taxpayers will incur if the BOS approves the proposed 'One-Stop Shop.'  New managerial positions with large salaries are part of the proposal, which is the opposite of the goal to create a leaner, more efficient process.

Here are links to newspaper articles, letters, and the agenda regarding this proposal set to be heard again at the Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Board of Supervisors meeting.

What can you do if you have a concern about this proposal?
1.  Email all five of our supervisors immediately with your concerns.
Here are their email addresses:,,,,
And send a copy to the Clerk of the Board at:
Additional contact information is on the County Contacts webpage.

2.  Attend the meeting if you are available - it is set for Tuesday, December 4, 11:00am in the Board Meeting Room.  During the public comment portion you will have an opportunity to speak about your concerns.  Individual public comments are limited to 3 minutes each, so bring a friend if you have a lot to say and split up your concerns.