Updates on recent Board Meetings

posted Nov 23, 2014, 9:22 PM by Team SSCA   [ updated Nov 23, 2014, 9:25 PM ]
November turned out to be a busy month at the county, so here are a few updates to keep you informed of the results, and what's coming up in December.

Community Planning
The Community Planning Guide was presented by county staff to the Board of Supervisors at the Monday, November 17th meeting.  Thank you to everyone that sent in emails and made phone calls about the guide.  Supervisor Santiago specifically addressed our concerns about the guide and made it clear that it is only a guide and will not derail the efforts that communities (including Shingle Springs) have already invested in the process.  The Board was supportive of the Community Plan process and county staff received direction to continue supporting those communities that want to move forward with a plan.  We will need to stay engaged to make sure that the new Board continues to support the Community Plan process.

The SSCA Core Committee will refocus its efforts on creating a draft of the Shingle Springs Community Plan that will then be circulated for feedback.  We anticipate partnering with county staff to assist with broadening our outreach so that we contact as many residents, landowners, and business owners as humanly possible to make this an inclusive, collaborative process.  It is not an easy task to tackle, but we will have the best outcome possible by making the process open to all.

Initiative to Retain Zoning and Protect Resources (Purple Petition)
The Purple Petition was before the Board at the Friday, November 21st meeting.  The Board was to choose between adopting it within 10 days or putting it on the next statewide ballot, which is anticipated to be in 2016.  Thank you to everyone that spoke at the Board meeting and sent in emails and made phone calls.  The odds of the Board adopting the initiative were slim, however, it was important that we requested them to adopt it to emphasize that a majority of the citizens in El Dorado County want the Board to implement the policies in the General Plan that will protect our quality of life.  It was not a surprise that the Board did not have the political will to adopt the initiative, so it will be on the next statewide ballot, which is anticipated to be in 2016.

Community Region Lines on December 2 Board Agenda
We have been advised that Community Region Lines will be on the December 2nd Board agenda.  That can be confirmed athttps://eldorado.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx when the agenda is posted later this week.  Removing the Community Region Line from Shingle Springs is an important part of keeping our community's rural identity, so we will be sure to get our input into the discussion.  You can find information about the Shingle Springs Community Region Line here:  http://www.shinglespringscommunityalliance.com/community-region-line 

Remember, the speed of government can often be frustrating.  We are making a difference and our voices are being heard.  Let's stay the course and create a future for Shingle Springs that protects the quality of life that we all love.

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.