Reminder - Important Board of Supervisors meeting May 7, at 2:00pm - Wear your Shingle Springs t-shirt

posted May 5, 2013, 10:42 PM by Team SSCA
Dear Shingle Springs residents and supporters,

This is our chance to share our concerns and hopes for the future of Shingle Springs with our Supervisors.  Please attend the discussion to remove the Community Region Line (CRL) from Shingle Springs.

It would be great if people took this opportunity to speak during the Public Comment of this agenda item.  If you would like more information about Community Region Lines and why we want to remove the Shingle Springs Community Region Line, visit this webpage:   

We need that Community Region Line removed so that we are not a target for high density development.  People choose to live in Shingle Springs because of the medium and low density land uses, and that lifestyle should be preserved.  Share your story about why you chose to live in Shingle Springs.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013, at 2:00pm
Board Meeting Room
330 Fair Lane, Building A
Placerville, California 

Agenda Item 25. 13-0510 Supervisor Nutting recommending the Board have a discussion regarding the
possible removal of the Community Region Boundary Line in Shingle Springs  

The agenda is posted online:

Remember to wear your Shingle Springs t-shirt and bring a friend, neighbor, or family member.  And feel free to forward this information.  Thank you!