Action Alert! Response to White Paper attached. Please email and call our Supervisors

posted Jun 23, 2013, 10:16 PM by Team SSCA   [ updated Jul 4, 2013, 9:53 AM ]
Greetings Shingle Springs residents and supporters,
Our response to Roger Trout's White Paper on General Plan Amendments Related to Community Region Boundary Lines is attached for your reference.  Please take time to read it over to prepare for the June 27th Special Board Meeting Workshop. 
We encourage you to attend the workshop on Thursday, June 27, if you are available, to voice your support during public comment for removing the Community Region Line (CRL) from Shingle Springs.  The meeting starts at 9am and the Community Region Line discussion is #4 on the agenda.  There is not a specific time for agenda item #4.  The agenda is attached for your reference.  Please note that agenda items #1-3 also pertain to Land Use in the county and you may want to attend.
WARNING:   We are not asking you to take time off from work because this workshop is burdened with additional agenda items and there may not be time for adequate presentation and discussion of agenda item #4.
Remember, we need that Community Region Line removed so that Shingle Springs is not a target for high density development.  The Board has the authority to direct Planning Services to remove the CRL.  People choose to live in Shingle Springs because of the medium and low density land uses, and that lifestyle should be preserved for future generations as stated in the 1977 Shingle Springs Area Plan.  Explain to the Board that many people did not know what a CRL was during the election of the 2004 General Plan, or share your story about why you chose to live in Shingle Springs.
If you cannot attend the Workshop on June 27th, please email and phone the Board of Supervisors to voice your concerns.  
Contact info for Board of Supervisors:
(Please reference the Board meeting date and agenda item number in your email to expedite a response and subsequent addition to the agenda item)  
1. Ron Mikulaco, Supervisor District I, (530) 621-5650,
2. Ray Nutting, Supervisor District II, (530) 621-5651,
3. Brian Veerkamp, Supervisor District III, (530) 621-5652,
4. Ron Briggs, Supervisor District IV, (530) 621-6513,
5. Norma Santiago, Supervisor District V, (530) 621-6577,
Board of Supervisors' Agenda Item Comments, Clerk of the Board:
Below is a sample email that you may use and revise as you wish.  Be sure to remove or modify the parts inside of [red brackets] because they are only suggestions.  Please share this information with friends and neighbors.
Thank you for your support to keep Shingle Springs Rural!
To:  <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>
Subject:  June 27 Special Meeting Workshop on Community Region Lines, Agenda item #4, File #13-0510
Dear Supervisors,
I request that you start the process of removing the Shingle Springs Community Region Line as outlined in Joel Ellinwood's 4/25/13 letter.  
I am a Shingle Springs resident [or supporter] and am aware that the Shingle Springs Community Alliance has collected over 675 signatures in support of removing the Shingle Springs Community Region Line.
[This is a good place for you to make a statement about why you live in Shingle Springs, or what you like about rural country living, or how you expect our representatives to follow the will of the people they represent]
Thank you,
[Your Name]
[Your town or address]
Team SSCA,
Jun 23, 2013, 10:19 PM
Team SSCA,
Jun 23, 2013, 10:17 PM
Team SSCA,
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