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posted Oct 18, 2013, 10:43 PM by Team SSCA   [ updated Oct 18, 2013, 10:51 PM ]
MIG, INC and San Stino L.P. hosted a small group meeting on Sept 14th. A followup meeting was held Oct 16th

We posted the meeting notice soliciting comments prior to the meeting on Sept 4th. Please see our Sept 4th post.

We posted the results of the meeting on Sept 18th.

We finally received the video of the Sept 14th meeting on Oct. 14th

The material presented at the Sept 14th meeting is here:

It's disappointing the meeting material is titled as a San Stino Community Meeting. We have voiced our displeasure about this as we are by invitation only and not appointed community spokesmen.

The followup MIG-San Stino Meeting was held Oct, 16th. We had hoped to post the video and the material well in advance of this follow up meeting. It's disappointing that the meeting material was once again labeled as a community meeting.

Three options were presented at this meeting. All three options involved 690 rooftops compared to the original 1041 rooftops. The options involved relocating the higher density lots within the middle or northern end of the development. We pointed out that the location of the lots will have no impact on traffic or our rural lifestyle, but rather the amount of lots are the impact.

We felt this density is still an assault on Shingle Springs' rural character and lifestyle. 

The developer and its investor were disappointed with our response to the density. The meeting was lively.

The meeting was video-taped by the developer using a PC tablet and cell phone.

There was no material handed out. Hopefully we will receive the video of the meeting to post soon.

Frank Verdin and the No San Stino Coalition.

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