More traffic coming to Ponderosa Road

posted Aug 12, 2012, 11:26 PM by Lori Parlin   [ updated Aug 13, 2012, 8:05 AM ]
File #12-0754 is on the Board of Supervisors Agenda for August 14, 2012.  File #12-0754 is a request for the Board to sign a lease with Carlton Engineering to house Child Support Services, Revenue Recovery and a small division of Health and Human Services staff at 3883 Ponderosa Road, Building A.

This lease is on the Consent Calendar, which means that it has already been decided and that it is on the agenda only to get authorization to sign the lease.  However, a Supervisor can pull it off the Consent Calendar and put it on the regular Agenda, which opens it to public comment.

This building is near the already congested intersection of North Shingle and Ponderosa Road.  It isn't clear by looking at the documents available on the County website just how much traffic will be added to this already congested section of Ponderosa Road when the building is occupied.

If you are concerned about this agenda item, contact the Board and ask them to pull it off the Consent Calendar so that it will be open for public discussion.

You can contact each of the Board members by email:,,,,

Here is a link to the Agenda:

Here is a link to file #12-0754:

Please share this information with anyone else that may be interested.

Reminder:  Supervisor Ron Briggs, District IV, represents Shingle Springs north of Highway 50.  Supervisor Ray Nutting, District II, represents Shingle Springs south of Highway 50.