Recap of 1-14-14 Board of Supervisors Meeting and Next Steps

posted Jan 19, 2014, 10:43 PM by Team SSCA
Thank you to everyone that made it to the Board meeting, brought a friend or neighbor, sent in emails, or made phone calls in support of the Shingle Springs Community Plan. All of your efforts were appreciated and heard by the Board of Supervisors (BOS). 

For those of you that couldn't make it, please know that the BOS was very supportive of our efforts and encouraged us to move forward with creating a draft to publish for public comment and continue our outreach to stakeholders. However, the BOS expects that we could be facing a year-long process with no guarantee of adopting our Community Plan as part of the General Plan. A video of the presentation to the Board and the discussion afterward are available at: (Video credit to

We are cautiously optimistic with the outcome of the meeting. Due to the Board's past trends of postponing and stalling community efforts, we cannot let our guard down and must take action on our own behalf. Therefore, in addition to moving forward with publishing the Shingle Springs Community Plan, we are also co-sponsoring an initiative that will remove the Community Region Line (CRL) from Shingle Springs, Camino, Cedar Grove, Pollock Pines, and part of the Green Valley Road corridor. 

We will need your support and legwork to gather the 10,000 signatures necessary to get the CRL initiative on the ballot and will be contacting the many people that attended our November 21, 2013 meeting and offered to help. Community groups from Camino, Pollock Pines, and Cedar Grove have joined forces with us to get this initiative on the ballot.

Once again, thank you for standing up for our rural lifestyle and quality of life in Shingle Springs. We are making a difference and must stay focused on our goal.