El Dorado County in the news

Mountain Democrat article, 2/27/15, Shooting range draws fire

Mountain Democrat article, 12/12/14, Supes' vote likely to downsize two "community regions"

El Dorado Hills Telegraph, 11/19/14, Supes OK Town Center complex

Sacramento Bee article, 11/5/14, Growth-control measures rejected in El Dorado County

Sacramento Bee article, 10/29/14, Building, realty interests spend big to block growth control

Mountain Democrat article, 3/17/2014, Supes, public not always clear on meeting rules

Mountain Democrat article, 3/17/2014, Zoning Initiative Amended

Mountain Democrat article, 3/17/2014, Nutting, Briggs squabble over Brown Act

Mountain Democrat Letters to the Editor, 12/6/13, Highway 50 at LOS F

Mountain Democrat Letters to the Editor, 10/16/2013, Must deny, if does not comply, with Measure Y?

Village Life article, 10/7/2013, County, Measure Y Committee in gridlock
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Mountain Democrat Press Release, 9/16/2013, Shingle group may back a Measure Y initiative
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Mountain Democrat article, 9/4/2013, Pro-growth, no-growth, slow-growth: BOS listens to public points

The Sacramento Bee article, 8/10/2013, Wave of new El Dorado development projects fuels fight with slow-growth advocates 

KCRA.com, 7/29/2013, Proposed Shingle Springs housing development draws heavy criticism
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Mountain Democrat article, 7/1/2013, Review of development proposals under BOS consideration

Mountain Democrat article, 7/1/2013, BOS has plate full of issues

Village Life article, 6/24/13, Center, Moore hoping for repeat 'slow-growth' success

Mountain Democrat article, 6/17/2013, Three years later: Public safety realignment in El Dorado County
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Mountain Democrat article, 6/10/2013, Shingle Springs residents show up in force for community action meetings  
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The Folsom Telegraph article, 6/10/2013, Proposed 'in-fill' project catching heat at El Dorado Hills CSD
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Village Life article, 6/10/2013, Measure Y guys launch no growth campaign
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Mountain Democrat article, 5/31/13, Airplane noise, Sac airport director irk supes
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News10.net, 5/15/2013, Mormon Helping Hands
Projects all over El Dorado County benefited from this annual event.  

Village Life article, 4/22/2013, Visioning exercise attracts 150
Visioning meeting in El Dorado Hills. 

Mountain Democrat Letters to the Editor, 4/10/2013, No Cameron Park Annexation

Mountain Democrat Letters to the Editor, 4/5/2013, No San Stino development

Mountain Democrat Letters to the Editor, 4/2/2013, Next Economy: Tell me it isn't so

Mountain Democrat article, 4/1/2013, Board of Supervisors approves web portal and grant program

Mountain Democrat article, 4/1/2013, LUPPU breakdown

Sacramento Bee article, 3/31/2013, Residents fight Shingle Springs housing project

Mountain Democrat article, 3/27/2013, Cameron Park CSD eyes annextion

Mountain Democrat Letters to the Editor, 3/27/2013, Community Councils

Mountain Democrat article, 3/20/2013, Less growth: Panel OKs Housing Element

Mountain Democrat Letters to the Editor, 3/20/2013, Signing the plan

Mountain Democrat article, 3/18/2013, Supes OK concept of the 'Next Economy'

Sacramento Bee article, 3/10/2013, Meeting planned to discuss Diamond Springs Parkway project
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Sacramento Bee article, 3/10/2013, Opening of new Highway 50 carpool lane delayed

Mountain Democrat article, 3/4/2013, Supes Say No to EIR for San Stino
Coverage of 2-26-13 Board of Supervisors (BOS) Meeting

Lake Tahoe News article, 3/1/2013, El Dorado County Grand Jury Disbanded

Placerville Newswire Service, 2/11/2013, Opinion:
Cameron Park CSD General Manager, Mary Cahill, causes ill will.

Mountain Democrat article, 1/29/2013, Letter to the Editor:
Letter by Shingle Springs resident Teri Speel on need for planned growth in Shingle Springs.

Mountain Democrat article, 1/11/2013, Resident Scolds Supervisors:
Shingle Springs resident Valerie Chelseth scolded the past board for “rudeness toward citizens.” 

Mountain Democrat article, 1/4/2013, Top 10 Story of 2012 is Rails and Trails:
The number 10 story of 2012 in the Mt. Democrat was Rails and Trails, which run through the heart of Shingle Springs..

Mountain Democrat article, 12/7/2012, regarding Developments in Shingle Springs:
Shingle Springs residents unite against proposed high density developments.

Mountain Democrat article, 9/21/2012, regarding Expiration of Sign Moratorium:
Coverage of the BOS meeting allowing the sign moratorium to expire despite the need to stop the rampant spread of billboards along Highway 50.

Mountain Democrat article, 9/3/2012, Kim Kerr ripped in Amador County Grand Jury Report:
Covers reaction of EDC Supervisors to Kim Kerr being named (by title only) in Amador County Grand Jury Report.

Mountain Democrat article, 7/9/2012, regarding Travel Demand Model:
Near the end of the article comments are made that when people live closer to services they make more travel trips.  

Mountain Democrat article, 7/6/2012, regarding Zoning Workshops:
Workshop dates added to our online calendar

Village Life article, 7/2/2012, regarding Dixon Ranch in El Dorado Hills
This article explains how the County can put high-density projects on land that is zoned low-density when the land is located within a Community Region.

2012 Capital Improvement Plan, 6/19/2012 (Funding for Roadways):
These documents show when future road projects will be funded.

Sacramento Bee article, 6/19/2012
A UC Davis student wrote his master's thesis on the dysfunctional planning processes in El Dorado County.

Mountain Democrat article, 6/1/2012, General Plan: Public grumpy over 'scoping'