San Stino's Mill Creek Development - Updated 9-13-18

The development application for San Stino's Mill Creek development has been withdrawn. See email announcement for details: San Stino's Mill Creek Development Application Withdrawal This webpage will remain as an archive.

This 645 acres of undeveloped land is within a Community Region, which means that a General Plan Amendment can change the land use to high-density development, such as the proposed San Stino project. The land is currently designated for low-density residential use, and zoned as 5-acre Residential and Agricultural parcels. The property is located south of Mother Lode Drive along French Creek Road, surrounding Holiday Lake. Over 1,000 houses are proposed for the San Stino development.

Click here to view a presentation about the impacts that the proposed San Stino project will have on the Shingle Springs community.

Update 12-30-16 from the No San Stino Facebook page: Per our most recent correspondence with county planning, the project is on hold and not being processed.

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Click here to view a presentation on how to sign up for updates about this project from the County.

A link to the October 2010 Staff Memo regarding the San Stino Pre-Application file is below. It has a lot of maps attached to it that help paint a picture of the magnitude of this project proposal.

A project application was submitted to the Planning Department in September 2012 and a link to the Project Description is below.