San Stino Update

Post date: Mar 11, 2015 5:30:37 PM

Dear Shingle Springs residents and rural lifestyle supporters,

The San Stino project representative, Joel Korotkin, has stated for several months that he and his team have redrawn the project at a lower density than the 1,041 houses that were proposed at the Scoping Meeting on March 21, 2013. In response, we have asked Mr. Korotkin to present the updated project to the community at a community-wide meeting to gather feedback. We have also asked that the updated project be posted on a website as part of an open, transparent dialog about the project. We have yet to see Mr. Korotkin satisfy either of these requests.

Please be aware that developers often try to reduce opposition to their projects by writing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with adjacent landowners. In these MOUs, the landowners are promised amenities such as gates or road paving. In return, they sign away their right to oppose the project. Mr. Korotkin entered into MOUs to reduce opposition to the 1,041 house version of San Stino. He also attempted to enter into an MOU to reduce opposition to his Dixon Ranch project on Green Valley Road: The San Stino project will probably have a different name this time around, because the name has been tainted by the strong opposition the community had toward the project.

Remember, at this time, the 645 acres is divided into 3 parcels each parcel is only entitled to one house until the land is subdivided. The land is all designated for Low Density Residential development, and would be entitled to 101 parcels if subdivided according to its zoning. Here is the parcel information:

229.3 acre parcel, APN 090-220-05, -24: Estate Residential Five (RE-5) Acre District = 46 units

142.5 acre parcel, APN 090-380-19, -02: Estate Residential Five (RE-5) Acre District = 28 units

273.4 acre parcel, APN 090-190-10: Exclusive Agricultural (AE) District = 27 units

Mr Korotkin has not announced when and how he will present his updated project plans to the community. When he does, let's continue to stay unified as a community and tell him that we want a development project that is compatible with the surrounding homes and will not negatively impact Shingle Springs.

If you have had contact with Mr. Korotkin about his updated project plans, please contact Frank Verdin, lead of the No San Stino group, at