Attention:  Meeting Tonight and More Project Updates

Dear Shingle Springs residents and rural lifestyle supporters,

Be aware of several large development projects slated for the western part of El Dorado County:

1. Planned “Lime Rock Valley” and “Village of Marble Valley” Developments

Each of these projects are located south of Highway 50 between El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park.  As currently proposed Lime Rock will include 800 homes.  The Marble Valley development calls for over 3,000 homes, two schools, and 475,000 square feet of commercial buildings.  Each project will require significant General Plan amendments to allow for high density development, commercial use, and other improvements.  Project documents can be viewed here: 

Environmental documents in draft form have been prepared for each project and are currently under review.  The public comment periods are now open and will close on July 1, 2024 for Marble Valley and July 22 for Lime Rock:

Marble Valley Specific Plan Notice of Availability of the DEIR

Lime Rock Valley Specific Plan Notice of Availability of the DEIR

The County of El Dorado will host an open house to present a general overview and environmental information of both the Village of Marble Valley and Lime Rock Valley projects:

Tuesday, June 11, 2024, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Cameron Park Community Services District Community Center

2502 Country Club Drive, Cameron Park, CA 95682

Interested parties are encouraged to attend the meeting and provide comment, and also comment on the environmental impact reports.

2. Huge Planned Development South of El Dorado Hills

Sacramento County Developer AKT Development Corporation (Angelo Tsakopoulos) plans to team with UC Davis to build a 3,000-acre community referred to as the “Community for Health and Independence” south of El Dorado Hills and Folsom in both Sacramento and El Dorado Counties.  4,000 homes are planned for El Dorado County and an additional 4,000 homes are planned for Sacramento County along with a 200-acre research and health complex, and commercial and industrial businesses.  While AKT Development is teaming with UC Davis to represent the development as an aging in place community, only a small portion of the development is planned for those 65 and over.  This is an urban sprawl project that the developer is disguising as some sort of research focused development to gain public favor.  4,000 homes south of El Dorado Hills and another 4,000 homes south of Folsom will result in increased traffic congestion and a fundamental change of the character of the western portion of El Dorado County.  This project is at the beginning stages of regulatory engagement and review.

3. Shingle Springs Community Design Standards

In addition to the proposed developments identified above, the Shingle Springs Community Design Standards project is still pending.  The only progress made in the past few years is a generic webpage the County created for the project:


As a reminder, the design standards apply to new and possibly significant remodels of commercial and multi-family housing buildings located only within the Community Region Line (downtown core area) of Shingle Springs.  They do not apply to single family homes or any structure located outside the Community Region Line.

After years of engaging Shingle Springs residents, the SSCA was told by the County Board of Supervisors to work with a consulting firm under contract with the County to finalize details of the Design Standards.  In December 2017 the Board of Supervisors directed County Planning Services to proceed with developing custom Design Standards for individual communities, including Shingle Springs.  Approximately two years later a consultant was hired by the County, interested parties were invited to participate in the process, and the first public Community Advisory Team Meeting was eventually held in January 2020.  Shortly thereafter the County fired the consultant.  In a May 2022 meeting between the SSCA and County Planning, we were told the County had identified a replacement consulting firm and were expecting to begin outreach to the Shingle Springs community during the summer of 2022.  That never happened and to our knowledge the new consulting firm has yet to be hired.

We will re-engage with County Planning to continue to push for completion of the Community Design Standards.

Concerned community members should question this and provide feedback to County leaders.  You can do this by attending BOS meetings, public hearings, and emailing your supervisor at: John Hidahl, District 1 George Turnboo, District 2 Wendy Thomas, District 3 Lori Parlin, District 4 Brooke Laine, District 5

Team SSCA on behalf of the

Shingle Springs Community Alliance

  Keeping Shingle Springs Rural