San Stino's Mill Creek Development Application Withdrawal

Post date: Sep 14, 2018 5:22:27 AM

Dear Rural Lifestyle supporter:

This week we learned that the development application for San Stino’s Mill Creek development has been withdrawn. The county has officially processed the withdrawal letter from the developer.

We, the Shingle Springs Community Alliance, along with NoSanStino and everyone on this mailing list, are to be congratulated. Nearly seven years ago, word of this development sparked a movement within Shingle Springs that no doubt surprised the development community. This movement was not sparked due to the development, but rather due to the size of the development.

It was clear that the size of the San Stino development, at one thousand and forty-one homes, did not belong at the proposed location. The noise and light pollution, along with the traffic impact, would have been detrimental to our rural lifestyle. We would have welcomed the development at the general plan lot allotment of five and ten acre parcels.

We thank you for your support. Without you, the development withdrawal could not have happened. You attended our community meetings. You attended meetings at the Board of Supervisors and spoke against the size of this development. You contributed funds to help us keep you informed, to hold community meetings, and you supported our low-growth initiative ballot measures both financially and by volunteering. In short, collectively as a community, we kicked butt.

However, we must remain vigilant. There were three parcels involved with the San Stino development. The parcels are owned by the Scheiber, Zweck, and the White families. Currently, the Zweck family has its property for sale and has also renewed its application for the development of the property as "Sawmill Creek Ranch". We welcome the development to be a low-density development that is agreeable with the surrounding area and that conforms to the general plan.

Warmest Regards,

Lori Parlin, Shingle Springs Community Alliance


Frank Verdin,