About Us

Shingle Springs Community Alliance (SSCA) - Shingle Springs resident Lori Parlin founded the SSCA in July 2012 soon after attending a scoping workshop for the El Dorado County Land Use Policy Programmatic Update (LUPPU), which is also known as the General Plan Update. There, she learned along with other attendees, the County was going forward with land use policy that would adversely impact the Shingle Springs community.

Because Shingle Springs does not have its own representation with the County, concerns grew that residents did not have a voice in planning their own future. Those concerns were realized with the approval of the two billboards along HWY 50, the Mercy Apartments on Sunset Lane, the gateway ‘Welcome to Shingle Springs’ sign at the 76 Gas Station, and several El Dorado County departments relocating to both Durock and Ponderosa Roads.

These decisions by the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors, along with other proposed projects in the works, such as Tilden Park, San Stino, and the policy changes in the General Plan Update, etc. were the catalyst that sparked the formation of the ‘Alliance’ with the goal to unite the community in its quest to preserve its peaceful community of homes and ranchettes on acreage.

The SSCA became the umbrella organization to unite other groups in the area who were also working to inform the public about imminent development projects. Those groups are:

Stop Tilden Park (STP) - It was formed in Fall 2011 as residents living near the project site came together to form a group to stop it from being developed as proposed. The high density residential and commercial project is inconsistent with the surrounding neighborhood of homes on acreage. The traffic generated by the proposed project would negatively affect traffic all along the Ponderosa Road overpass.

No San Stino (NSS) - In the summer of 2012, a NSS facebook page was created by Shingle Springs resident Frank Verdin to inform the Shingle Springs community about the impending San Stino high density tract development. Verdin also went door to door and posted hundreds of flyers about the proposed development. Through those efforts, he connected with SSCA and the two groups formed an organizing committee/core group of volunteers that planned the first two community meetings.

The Core Group – A handful of volunteers, made up of working professionals and retirees, meet regularly on Friday nights and/or the weekend to discuss implementation of policy in the El Dorado County General Plan that will ‘Keep Shingle Springs Rural.’ Speaking up at County meetings during public comment to support or oppose policy that affects Shingle Springs is also a priority, as is following up with private meetings with each Supervisor to further promote our goals.

SSCA Board – Five members of the core group make up the Board for the SSCA which is officially a grass roots unincorporated community organization working to preserve and improve the character of Shingle Springs as a rural community. Donations are accepted, but are not tax deductible.

With over 500 residents signing the petition supporting the goals of the 'Alliance,' Shingle Springs now has a voice. Currently the primary goals of SSCA, NSS, and STP are to stop the San Stino and Tilden Park Developments as proposed, as well as removing the Community Region Line (CRL) from Shingle Springs. As long as the CRL remains in the El Dorado County General Plan, the community of Shingle Springs will remain a target for high density development.

The ‘Alliance’ is working diligently to protect our community, and with everyone’s continued support, we will be successful. Stay the course and stay tuned. These processes do take time and we do not want to become complacent. Continue spreading the word with friends, family, and neighbors. We are making a difference!

Updated 3-4-15