We support John Hidahl for District 1 Supervisor

Post date: Sep 14, 2016 2:20:19 PM

Dear Shingle Springs residents and rural lifestyle supporters,

The Shingle Springs Community Alliance Core Committee endorses John Hidahl in his bid for District 1 County Supervisor. John supports and aligns with community groups all over El Dorado County. He understands the importance of making sure that existing residents are not negatively impacted by new development. As such, John has consistently stood with residents against projects like the Central El Dorado Hills Golf Course rezone, San Stino's Mill Creek, and Marble Valley because they are beyond what was promised in the General Plan.

Please help John become Supervisor by reaching out to your friends and family in El Dorado Hills and ask them to vote for John Hidahl for District 1 Supervisor. We look forward to him taking a seat on the Board to represent the people of the County and not the developer interests.

John's opponent has not lived in El Dorado County for years and purchased an El Dorado Hills house in 2015 just to qualify to run for Supervisor. She also recently registered to vote in El Dorado County in February 2016 and has already started her campaign to run for the Senate in 2020, which would interfere with local Supervisorial duties. She has not been involved in local issues and is simply using El Dorado County to keep her name in the limelight to further her political career. We do not need a Supervisor who is unfamiliar with the unique needs of El Dorado County and is planning a short stint of representation as Supervisor.

Please visit John Hidahl's website at http://hidahl4supe.com to find out how you can help support him in his bid for election on November 8, 2016. Forward this email to your contacts in District 1, and consider donating to John's campaign to help him overcome Beth Gaines' well-funded run for Supervisor.

Investing in John's candidacy is an investment in our future.