Tribal Gas Station project and more at 9-15-15 Board of Supervisors meeting

Post date: Sep 22, 2015 5:26:23 AM

Dear Shingle Springs residents and rural lifestyle supporters,

Tuesday, September 15, was a big day at the Board of Supervisors (BOS) and your involvement played a huge part in the outcomes. You can view the agenda and the video of the meeting here: (scroll down to 9-15-15 Board of Supervisors meeting, and a link to video is on the far right).

Here is a recap:

Tribal Gas Station Project - Agenda item #30:

Thank you to everyone who sent in emails, made phone calls, and attended the meeting. We did a great job of raising issues and concerns about this project. Since the Board had many unanswered questions about the project, they directed staff to come back with answers and more information on October 6.

We will be formulating a plan of action for the October 6 meeting, so please stay engaged and spread the word to neighbors and friends throughout El Dorado County.

UPDATE: Members of the SSCA Core group were invited to meet with Tribe representatives on Friday, September 17, to get more information about the proposed project. We were told that the gas station is proposed to have 12 pumps, a market, and a car wash. The rest of the development on the parcel is yet to be determined, however, the concept of a hotel and other retail buildings is possible. The project also includes requesting access to add a 12-inch pipe to the EID water main, which will accommodate future development. We shared the concerns of the nearby residents regarding crime, traffic, light pollution, and loss of quality of life with this project. We were told that information will be posted on the Tribe's website and posted on the property so that the public can be better informed. The Tribal representatives may consider hosting a community meeting regarding the project, depending on the feedback they get. We will keep you updated as we get more information.

Public Project Notification - Agenda item #31:

We did it! Our perseverance and participation in the process over the past 2 years resulted in a new policy that does 3 things to improve notification on projects: 1) expands distance for mailing notices; 2) requires signage posted on or near properties of proposed projects; and 3) requires Public Outreach Plans on projects of 300 residential units or more. The staff anticipates bringing the policy back to the Board in 6-12 months for a review to make minor adjustments for effectiveness, so we will want to stay on top of this policy when it comes back for review.

Thank you for attending meetings, sending emails, and making phone calls. And thank you to the Board for responding to our concerns.

Cameron Park Community Mobility Transportation Plan - Agenda item #28:

The El Dorado County Transportation Commission (EDCTC) gave a presentation on the draft of the Plan. We made a statement to the Board that, as the Plan moves forward, the Shingle Springs community would like to be more involved in the portions of the project that reach into Shingle Springs. If done correctly, this could be a great opportunity for trails between Cameron Park and Shingle Springs. We will want to stay engaged as this process progresses to ensure that growth-inducing impacts are not included in the project.

Thank you for your continued participation and support of keeping Shingle Springs rural. As former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once wrote, "The most important political office is that of the private citizen." We ARE making a difference!