Results of Special Board Meeting Workshop on June 27th

Post date: Jul 4, 2013 5:06:26 PM

Greeting Shingle Springs residents and supporters,

The Board of Supervisors Special Meeting Workshop on Thursday, June 27, was intended to be a discussion regarding Community Region Lines but ended up including several topics. Thank you to everyone that made it and was able to stay for a while. It is good for the Board to see that residents are fully engaged in planning the future of our county. The Board did acknowledge and appreciate that people took time off from work and their day to be there.

Agenda Item #1 was an update by the Community and Economic Development Advisory Committee (CEDAC) about how the Land Use Policy Programmatic Update (LUPPU) relates to Community Region Lines (CRLs). Here is a link to their PowerPoint presentation: . It could be argued that the data in their presentation supports our goal to remove the Shingle Springs Community Region Line because their data shows that the county has been meeting the goals of the General Plan by following current Land Use designations without any General Plan Amendments. The Supervisors made it clear that the Community Identity is part of long range planning and they need to create processes that will help communities make progress in their Community Identities as LUPPU finishes up. The BOS agreed that they want to continue with LUPPU.

Agenda Item #2 was a quick LUPPU update by the Planning Department. They reported that the Housing Element of the General Plan received an all clear letter from the State on its update and the final version must be completed by October 2013.

Agenda Item #4 was heard next. This was the Community Region Line discussion we had all been waiting for. Shingle Springs Community Alliance presented a PowerPoint that summarized our Response to White Paper and it is attached for your reference. The BOS took a stand that they want to put most of the Planning staff's resources into finishing the LUPPU process. The BOS also directed staff to come up with a more detailed analysis of removing or reducing one or all of the Community Region Lines in the county. There will also be an evening meeting set up with the BOS to get input from the community about CRLs. Please keep an eye on your email for dates and details.

Public comment regarding these items included concerns about traffic congestion and water supply.

Agenda Item #3 was heard last and you can find all of the documents here: The BOS decided to recommend that staff move forward looking into a process to quickly evaluate General Plan Amendments when they are first proposed to determine if a project proposal is worthy of staff time rather than waiting until thousands of dollars are spent by the developer and county. The developers in the audience were not supportive of this item because it would provide an early opportunity for them to have their projects denied. The residents in the audience supported this item because it saves everyone from wasting time and energy of opposing a project that does not fit within the goals and objectives of the General Plan. The BOS directed staff to continue working on this policy, including how to proceed with projects that are already in the application process but require a General Plan Amendment to be approved. Planning is to return within 120 days with a final draft of a policy to implement this.

If you would like a better understanding each of the items, please watch the video of the meeting. The video is online at

The BOS is taking 2 weeks off from meetings, so there will be no reporting about BOS meetings during that time. However, we must stay the course and continue our fight to keep Shingle Springs rural. So check your email regularly so that you keep up with other meetings in the community.

Thank you.