Results of Meeting With Supervisor Veerkamp

Post date: Feb 18, 2013 4:23:10 AM

Dear Shingle Springs Residents and Supporters;

The Shingle Springs Community Alliance and No San Stino met with Supervisor Veerkamp on February 11, 2013.

The group shared the same presentation that was made to Shingle Springs residents at the Community Meeting in January and the desire of the residents to keep Shingle Springs Rural.

Supervisor Veerkamp shared his thoughts with the group as they pertain to land development and resident participation in El Dorado County:

Let the people that live there decide

Current level of roads do not support San Stino or Tilden Park Projects

It's about representing and listening to what the people want, it's their area

As Supervisors, we best serve ourselves if we serve the people

The General Plan is not set in concrete

Supervisor Veerkamp will work to best represent the interests of all community regions in El Dorado County and will continually seek to understand what the residents of those communities want.

Please email Supervisor Veerkamp at and let him know you support removing the Community Region line and Keeping Shingle Springs Rural.