Results of 3-18-14 Board of Supervisors Meeting

Post date: Mar 27, 2014 4:47:40 AM

Dear Shingle Springs residents and rural lifestyle supporters,

Thank you to everyone that sent in emails, made phone calls, and attended the March 18th Board meeting regarding Development Agreements (Agenda Item #19). I'm sending a special heartfelt thank you to everyone that went up to the podium and shared your concerns with the Supervisors. Your statements to the Board made it clear that we love our community and are willing to fight to the end to preserve our quality of life in Shingle Springs and throughout the county.

In a nutshell, the Board denied the recommendation to create a Development Agreement Team, but then made a motion to create a process for Development Agreements. They also decided to call them Community Benefit Plans instead of Development Agreements, as if changing the name is going to make it more beneficial for communities. The Board's discussion was very chaotic and confusing. It appeared that even though the recommendation was denied, they went ahead with it anyway and just changed the name.

Several attendees compared it calling an 'urban limit line' a 'community region line' - it sounds friendlier but is still the same thing.

For a summary of the Development Agreement agenda item, read Chris Daley's summary in the Mountain Democrat. Be sure to scroll down and read the comments that further illustrate the sense of confusion surrounding this item:

If you'd like to watch the video of the meeting, follow this link:

The Board's action on this item makes it very clear that we, the people, must stay vigilant in holding our elected officials accountable for their actions.

2014 is a big year in El Dorado County's land use battles, and we cannot let down our guard. Take a look at our online calendar to find locations and times to sign our 1-2-3 petitions, and please spread the word: