[FWD: BOS 10-20-15, Agenda Item #11, File #15-1110, CIP 72334, Tribal Funds]

Post date: Oct 19, 2015 4:37:16 AM


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Subject: BOS 10-20-15, Agenda Item #11, File #15-1110, CIP 72334, Tribal Funds

From: "Lori at Shingle Springs Community Alliance"<info@shinglespringscommunityalliance.com>

Date: Sun, October 18, 2015 8:27 pm

To: "Supervisor Mikulaco" <bosone@edcgov.us>, "Supervisor Frentzen"<bostwo@edcgov.us>, "Supervisor Veerkamp" <bosthree@edcgov.us>,"Supervisor Ranalli" <bosfour@edcgov.us>, "Supervisor Novasel"<bosfive@edcgov.us>

Cc: "Clerk of the Board" <edc.cob@edcgov.us>

Dear Supervisors,

Please pull Agenda Item #11 off of the Consent Calendar for discussion. During your discussion of Agenda Item #11, please explain why you are spending Local Tribal Funds on purchasing property off of Missouri Flat Road, when these funds are intended to be spent on mitigating the impacts of the RedHawk Casino. The area most impacted by the RedHawk Casino is Shingle Springs, not the Missouri Flat Road area.

The community of Shingle Springs awaits your response.