FWD: A picture's worth a thousand words!

Post date: Sep 15, 2017 5:33:47 AM

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Subject: A picture's worth a thousand words!

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Dear RCU Friends and Supporters-

A big 'thank you!' to those who participated in the August matching-donation campaign. We raised a whopping $12K in that effort with your help, but we are not there yet, and too many people are still unaware of why we are here.

The map below shows in green the vast extent of parcels proposed for rezone under the 2015 Zoning Ordinance Update (ZOU). While some changes were innocuous, many were not, and the majority of landowners were never informed. Help spread the word of our efforts to overturn these changes and require the County to provide full disclosure to all residents and landowners impacted.

Be sure to attend our Music on the River fundraising event, Sept 17th at Camp Lotus, and bring a friend! (see website for details)

Ellen Van Dyke for RCU


Map Linked here - green shows over 37,000 of the County's 108,000 parcels proposed for rezone