Community Survey Results and Meetings with Supervisors

Post date: Aug 18, 2015 6:27:09 AM

Dear Shingle Springs residents and rural lifestyle supporters,

Here is a status regarding the Community Survey Results and Meetings with Supervisors:

The Shingle Springs Community Alliance Core Committee met with Supervisor Frentzen on Monday, July 27, and with Supervisor Ranallli on Thursday, July 30. The purpose of the meetings was to open the lines of communication with the two supervisors that represent Shingle Springs and discuss the results of the Shingle Springs Community Survey.

Supervisor Frentzen explained that it is improper for Supervisors to have a predetermined vote at Board meetings. However, she further explained that her vote would reflect her philosophy of compatibility between new and existing development, which aligns with the mission statement for the Shingle Springs Community Alliance. Supervisor Frentzen stated that County staff and the community need to work together to create Community Plans so that future development is compatible with the vision of each community. We agreed that a Community Plan for Shingle Springs is a top priority for our community. Regarding questions about the the tribe, Supervisor Frentzen all but said the County's hands are tied.

Supervisor Ranalli also explained that it is improper for Supervisors to have a predetermined vote at Board meetings. During our discussion, Supervisor Ranalli acknowledged his misconceptions about the Shingle Springs Community Alliance and its mission statement, and we hope his new understanding will result in a better working relationship with him in the future. With regard to items regarding the tribe, Supervisor Ranalli had researched a lot of information, and we are looking forward to his plan for alleviating the community's concerns.

Future meetings:

Both supervisors agreed to meet with the Core Committee two or three times a year to maintain communication. And each agreed to be the guest speaker at separate Town Hall meetings in Shingle Springs so that the public can attend and hear directly from them. We will send out notices for the Town Hall meetings as soon as the date and time have been set.