BOS Agenda item #20 on 4/2/13

Post date: Mar 30, 2013 4:13:09 AM

Dear Shingle Springs Residents and Supporters,

The following item is on the Board agenda for Tuesday, April 2, and the agenda is attached for your reference:

20. 13-0331 Supervisor Nutting recommending the Board have a discussion and take

action on the required public notice sent to all owners of real property

within 500' of a new planning development project or a zoning change.

People have raised concerns that the County's current notification process is too limited at 500' and should be updated to truly reach out to the affected public. Here is your chance to provide your input into changing the current notification process.

If you cannot attend the meeting to provide your input during the public comment that follows the agenda item, you may submit your input by email.

Contact info for Board of Supervisors:

(Please reference the Board meeting date and agenda item number in your email to expedite a response and subsequent addition to the agenda item)

1. Ron Mikulaco, Supervisor District I, (530) 621-5650,

2. Ray Nutting, Supervisor District II, (530) 621-5651,

3. Brian Veerkamp, Supervisor District III, (530) 621-5652,

4. Ron Briggs, Supervisor District IV, (530) 621-6513,

5. Norma Santiago, Supervisor District V, (530) 621-6577,

Board of Supervisors' Agenda Item Comments, Clerk of the Board:

This is a countywide issue. Please pass this on to friends and family.