Action Alert! Please email the Planning Commissioners today regarding the El Dorado Hills Town Center Apartments

Post date: Sep 9, 2014 7:14:32 PM

The County is contemplating allowing a super-sized apartment development project (55 units per acre), which will mainly benefit out of area developers to achieve their goal of highest and best use of the property while impacting our County services and infrastructure. At a minimum, this project violates the Specific Plan for Town Center, it violates the county design standards, it violates the traffic standards, it violates the zoning (24 units per acre), and it violates our General Plan.

***Please use the Form Letter below to email the Planning Commissioners and let them know that this apartment project, as currently proposed, should be rejected.

Here is an example of a Public Comment that has been filed regarding the project:

This proposed project violates county design standards, and would induce high-rise visual blight in the EDH community.

It would induce increased traffic burdens on already at-capacity roads (Load Level F).

It would put a major increase in demand on our already-fully-committed water supply, as current drought rationing makes clear.

It is incompatible with the zoning for this area.

The EDC Sheriff's Office submitted a report concluding that they will need additional officers and staff due to this project.

For all these reasons, the proposed project violates our General Plan.

Please reject this proposed urban-encroachment project, El Dorado Hills Town Center East Apartments

For more information about the project, click here:

FORM LETTER: Feel free to personalize the message to get your concerns on the record:



Subject: EDH Apartments in Town Center, Agenda 9/11/14, item 4 file no. 14-0769

Dear Commissioners:

I oppose the Town Center Apartments project in its current form.


[your name here]

[town of residence]