Action Alert! Open Shooting Range proposed near Shingle Springs Drive

Post date: Feb 3, 2015 5:54:01 AM

Dear Shingle Springs residents and rural lifestyle supporters,

The Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians has announced that it plans to build a 25-lane open shooting range on the land that they have purchased across the freeway from the Red Hawk Casino (see area map below). Many residents have questions and concerns about an open range so close to a residential neighborhood, schools, Highway 50, and the El Dorado Trail/Rail Corridor (for pedestrian, equestrian, bicycling, and train use). This is especially troubling due to the hazardous nature of lead dispersing into the soil and the eventual need to perform a costly cleanup to remove toxic lead from the land - see the Sharp Park Rifle Range for an example:

Residents have contacted the Bureau of Indian Affairs and determined that the land in question has been put into Trust for the Tribe, but has not been annexed into the reservation. Further investigation has not provided clarity as to whether development on that land falls under the rules of the County, the Federal government, or the Tribe's sovereign nation, nor whether an open shooting range is allowed.

This has become an urgent matter because the Tribe has stated that they intend to open sometime in February 2015 and it appears that grading on the property has started.

Please take action:

If you are concerned about this project and would like our local officials to immediately get involved, please contact Supervisor Michael Ranalli at and 530-621-6513. Tell Supervisor Ranalli that this is a public health and safety issue and needs immediate attention by our county officials.

Please forward this email to anyone that may be interested.