Action Alert - Agenda Item on 1-24-13 Planning Commission

Post date: Jan 21, 2013 1:53:43 AM

An item on the upcoming January 24, 2013 Planning Commission meeting concerns an update to a Special Use Permit for a Shingle Springs business. The business is located across the street from Lee's Feed on Mother Lode Drive, and the agenda item reads:

S88-0048-R-2/Weiner submitted by MARK WEINER (Agent: Kathye Russell) to revise Special Use Permit to allow the sale and display of trucks and RVs in addition to the existing manufactured and park model home sales. The property, identified by Assessor's Parcel Numbers 090-430-16 and 090-430-17, consisting of 0.52 acre, is located on the northwest corner of the intersection of old Sunset Lane and Mother Lode Drive, in the Shingle Springs area, Supervisorial District 4.

You can find the Agenda, Staff Report, and Exhibits at:

If you have concerns about this business adding RV and truck sales to its existing manufactured home sales, you can email or call the Planning Commissioners, or attend the meeting. The public portion of the meeting starts at 9:00am and it is the second item on the agenda after Public Comments.

Contact info for Planning Commission:

1. Rich Stewart, District I,

2. Dave Pratt, District II,

3. Tom Heflin, District III, (530)621-7400, Ext. 2156,

4. Walter Mathews, District IV, (530) 621-7400, Ext. 2157,

5. Brian Shinault, District V,

6. Roger Trout, Director, Dev. Svcs. (530) 621-5369,

Concerns you may want to bring up are:

  • Curb appeal;

  • Shingle Springs already has more than enough car dealerships;

  • The Shingle Springs Community Alliance is working with the community to define our community with the vision of keeping Shingle Springs rural and we do not see the benefit that this project will have towards that effort;

  • This type of business does not fit in with the long range plan to create an economic tourist area surrounding the Shingle Springs train depot