Action Alert: Stop Shingle Springs/El Dorado Hills Combined District

Dear Shingle Springs Residents and Rural Lifestyle Supporters,

The Board of Supervisors is expected to select a Supervisor District map this Tuesday, November 16 at 1:30pm. The chosen district map will be in place until 2031 and will have a significant effect on our county representation and ability to protect Shingle Springs.

A map the Board will consider would move Shingle Springs into Supervisor District 2. The proposed new District 2 would cut us off from our rural neighbors in Rescue, Coloma, and Lotus, and would instead place Shingle Springs with new housing developments in southern El Dorado Hills. If this map is adopted, rural residents across the county will lose their voice as all five supervisor districts would include significant suburban population centers.

This map is being called theEDH Community Redistricting Alternative - Revised A”. We encourage you to contact the Board of Supervisors and let them know that you oppose “EDH Community Redistricting Alternative - Revised A” because it would inappropriately separate Shingle Springs from rural communities to the north and place us with El Dorado Hills. Instead, we encourage the Board to adopt theEDH Community Redistricting Alternative - Revised B” map. The Revised B map keeps Shingle Springs in a rural district with Rescue, Coloma, and the Georgetown Divide (similar to the current Supervisor District 4 boundaries).

The Board will also consider two other map proposals, "City Redistricting Alternative - Revised 2A" and "City Redistricting Alternative - Revised 2B". These maps would keep Shingle Springs in a rural district but would unnecessarily split other communities in the county.

You can provide written comments to the Board of Supervisors at Note in the subject line that you are commenting on 11/16/2021 Agenda Item 40. Additionally, you can provide comments in person at the meeting in the Supervisors' chambers on Tuesday at 1:30pm (330 Fair Ln, Placerville)

or via Zoom:

or via telephone at 530-621-7603 or 530-621-7610.

The ZOOM Meeting ID is 834 7395 7012.

Team SSCA on behalf of the

Shingle Springs Community Alliance

Keeping Shingle Springs Rural