ACTION ALERT! Respond by 3/9/2021: Should Chain Stores be allowed in Rural

Dear Shingle Springs residents and rural lifestyle supporters,

Should Chain Stores Be In Rural Communities?


Supervisor Parlin and Supervisor Turnboo are recommending the Board to:

"Adopt and authorize the Chair to sign Urgency Ordinance 5140 to adopt interim restrictions on the establishment of Formula Businesses pending the study and consideration of zoning and other land use regulations pertaining to such businesses, with the ordinance being in effect for forty-five (45) days from date of adoption, unless extended by the Board.

Supervisor Parlin and Supervisor Turnboo are bringing this item before the Board because County residents have expressed their concern that "chain" or "formula" businesses will proliferate throughout the Rural Centers and Rural Regions of the County, which may detract from the unique character of the County by displacing unique local or other small businesses or by introducing standardized, non-unique establishments that will lessen the diversity and community character prized by County residents.

This Ordinance is being proposed for the Rural Centers in El Dorado County, which include: Camino, Cedar Grove, Coloma, Cool, Fairplay, Garden Valley, Greenwood, Georgetown, Grey’s Corner, Grizzly Flat, Kelsey, Kyburz, Latrobe, Little Norway, Lotus, Mosquito, Mount Ralson, Mr. Aukum, Nashville, Oak Hill, Phillips, Pilot Hill, Pleasant Valley, Pollock Pines, Quintette, Rescue, Somerset, Strawberry, and Chrome Ridge.

The County has received an application for a formula business (Dollar General, Somerset in District 2) which necessitates the adoption of the urgency ordinance because issuing permits or entitlements for formula business establishments could conflict with potential future regulations that may be adopted that will govern such uses. The purpose of this ordinance is to temporarily prohibit the establishment of formula businesses within any zoning districts of the Rural Centers and Rural Regions of El Dorado County pending the study and consideration of permanent regulations governing such formula business establishments.

A Formula Business Ordinance has been in the works for several months and Supervisor Parlin had planned on implementing it as part of the 2021 Work Plan. However, the recent applications for chain stores in our rural areas has caused the need for the urgency ordinance. The urgency ordinance will not apply to the Dollar General in Cool because that application is deemed complete, whereas the application in Somerset has not been deemed complete.

The agenda details and documents for File #21-0378 are available here along with Zoom or Call-in instructions: (Item #36)

This will be heard after Open Forum at 1:00 PM.

Please email the Clerk of the Board prior to 4:00 PM on 3/9/2021 at and let us know if you support the proposed Ordinance to restrict Formula Businesses (Chain Stores) in Rural Centers. The Clerk will forward your email to all 5 Supervisors and add it to the public record. Do not email information that you do not want in the public record."

Team SSCA on behalf of the

Shingle Springs Community Alliance

Keeping Shingle Springs Rural