12/3/12 Email to Board regarding Land Use Policy Programmatic Update

Post date: Dec 3, 2012 2:53:05 PM

Dear Board of Supervisors,

I have some very serious concerns regarding the Land Use Policy Programmatic Update. I have been talking with several individuals and organizations within Shingle Springs and there is a general consensus that the proposed updates do nothing to help preserve the rural characteristics and lifestyle of Shingle Springs. I also have doubts about the outreach that has been made to connect with the public and get input on the updates. Have any community meetings been held to explain and gather information from the public regarding the intent of the documents in a collaborative manner? The Scoping Meetings were meant to disseminate information only. The BOS Workshops were held during working hours in a public hearing format, not an interactive, collaborative effort. Are there plans to have any interactive, working meetings with the public in community centers in the evening so that working individuals can attend?

I attended a Scoping Meeting and all of the BOS Workshops this summer. The attendance at the Scoping meeting was good because it was held in the evening when working people can attend. A large portion of the crowd was disappointed that it was not a working meeting where we could interactively participate and address specific concerns. Conversely, the attendance at the BOS Workshops was sparse because they were held during working hours, and most of the individuals in attendance represented active committees with clear agendas. I think it is fair to say that the general public of El Dorado County was not well represented at the BOS Workshops.

At the 11/13/12 BOS meeting Supervisor Sweeney made it very clear that there is still time for the public to add items to the Draft Targeted General Plan Amendments. The people of Shingle Springs want to be represented in the General Plan with a clear Community Identity and updated Community Region boundaries that match its General Plan Land Use designations and Zoning designations. The current Community Region boundaries overlay parcels with low- and medium-density Land Use designations, include areas with poor traffic circulation, and cause confusion for developers and residents. Please reach out to your public now and help us secure our future.

Lori Parlin

Shingle Springs Community Alliance