LUPPU breakdown
By Mike Roberts, Mountain Democrat, April 1, 2013
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LUPPU, the Land Use Policy Programmatic Update, is an interrelated collection of policy initiatives that support the 2004 General Plan, with particular attention to creating jobs, preserving agriculture, Capturing lost sales tax and providing moderate priced housing. It also lays the groundwork for a more business-friendly in the future, and complies with state mandated housing and clean air initiatives in the present.

Components include the long-awaited zoning ordinance update, a revised housing projection, the latest Capital Improvement Program, an updated El Dorado Hills Business Park employment cap, a new traffic demand model and state-mandated housing element and climate action plan updates, each of which had too many dependencies on the others to implement in isolation.

Taken one-at-a-time, the effort would have taken several more years and separate EIRs.

Combining the disparate LUPPU components into one all-encompassing EIR solved some practical problems at the expense of public perception. The amorphous policy package is difficult to describe and impossible to summarize with any degree of specificity.

Some of the required scoping meetings went virtually unattended. In others, dozens of growth-leery residents turned out in vocal opposition.

Despite the good will surrounding the related community development measures the board enacted last week, LUPPU remains a large target for opponents of the process.